Bachelorette and Bachelor Party in Valencia

Bachelorette parties, dinners, shows, boat parties on catamarans, weekend accommodations with a four-star hotel and the organization of activities such as paintball, karting, dwarfs and dwarfettes handcuffed, male strippers, musical parades, company dinners, transfers in limousines and party limobus. With over twenty years of experience organizing events in Valencia. In our own restaurant for bachelorette parties, you will have the best dinners with shows, Boat Party, Bachelor party, Escape Rooms, Yellow Humor, Treasure Hunts, and party beauty.

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Basic Package Bachelor Party Valencia

Basic package includes: Full and abundant dinner with several dishes to choose from + Open bar during dinner, Erotic Cake included, and tickets or discounts in nightclubs. Quality and abundant dinners as our policy is that people can have seconds.

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Complete Bachelorette Package

The complete package includes: Complete and quality dinner with various main dishes to choose from + Open bar during dinner, Erotic Cake included for the bride and groom. Tickets or discounts at nightclubs. The show will take place in a completely private room, just for your group.

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Boat Parties

Boat Parties Package

Includes: Several departures on Saturday with the possibility of lunch or dinner in the port of Valencia. Our team will inform you of all the possibilities to organize it to measure, your departure in Boat Parties.

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Quality Menu

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4-Star Hotel Package

Luxury hotel in the heart of Valencia, with double rooms and all the luxury of a four-star hotel. If the group is odd, one of the rooms will be triple. The hotel has guarded parking, so you don't have to worry about your cars.

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Urban Hostel Package

Rooms for groups of 6, 8, and 10 people. Hostel in the city center, next to Valencia City Hall, modern and youthful, with bunk beds. Very economical for bachelorette parties coming to spend the weekend in Valencia, all-inclusive.

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Package with Limousine Transfer

The limousine package includes: Complete and quality dinner with various menus to choose from + Open bar during dinner, Erotic Cake included, and tickets or discounts at nightclubs. Show in a completely private room, just for your group, and transfer in limousines around Valencia.

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Paintball with and without food

You can choose to organize it with or without food, with various scenarios 7 km from the city. It includes overalls, masks, and everything you need to have a very fun time with your friends and eat a countryside paella.

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Karts and Karting

Karting Package with and without food

The karting package takes place in facilities with a quality circuit and cars; you can choose it with or without food. Find out and watch the video of the circuit and inquire about offers with food at the Valencia karting.

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Valencia Limousines

You can book limousines or a limobus, depending on the size of your group. The limobus within the urban area can accommodate up to 21 passengers, and the limousines for groups of 8 and 9 pax, for transfers and full hours with a uniformed driver and a free bottle of cava.

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Dwarfs for Hen and Stag Parties

Book our dwarfs for hen and stag parties, birthdays, and celebrations. You'll have a great time and can play a prank on the groom or bride.

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Boys Valencia

Book our boys for hen parties, events, and falla clubhouses; they will make you have a fun time with their elegant shows at the restaurant or at home.

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Girls Performers Valencia

Girls Artists

Learn about our Girls artists, whom you can book for a private show at the restaurant or at home for clubhouses and hen party events. They travel throughout Valencia.

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Drag Queens Valencia

Restaurant with Shows

Our drag queen will make your Bachelorette party fun, especially if your group is a mixed Bachelorette . They will engage you in the shows, making the evening very enjoyable and organizing games during or after dinner.

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Limobus Discobus for Valencia

Capacity of 21 seats if it stays within the urban area. If it has to travel through roads, only 14 people can travel, always seated, for road safety reasons. Gift of two bottles of cava.

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Drag Queens, Boys, Dwarfs

Learn about our professional Drag Queens, Dwarfs, and Boys, whom you can book for parties, birthdays, falla clubhouses, and all kinds of events to make your party more enjoyable and fun in Valencia.

Restaurant for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in Valencia

Celebrate your bachelor and bachelorette parties in our exclusive restaurant with drag queen shows! At Despedidas Valencia, we are ready to make your Bachelorette an unforgettable experience full of fun, laughter, and unmatched moments.

Our restaurant offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for gathering your friends and celebrating this special occasion. Enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our talented chefs, combining exquisite flavors with creative presentations.

But that's not all. Our drag queen shows will add the touch of magic and fun you need to make your Bachelorette truly unique. Delight your senses with stunning performances, dazzling costumes, and a festive atmosphere that will have everyone standing and applauding.

At Despedidas en Valencia, we take pride in creating memorable experiences, and your bachelor or bachelorette party will be no exception. Reserve your table now and let us take care of all the details so you and your guests can simply enjoy the celebration.

Catamaran Boat Parties Valencia

Our extensive experience allows us to organize your Bachelorette party to meet your needs and expectations. Expectations that will be exceeded by far, with complete safety. Don't hesitate, call us, and we will organize the best bachelor party in Valencia and Boat Parties in Valencia.

Celebrate the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party with our help. On our bachelor and bachelorette party organization website, we offer you a wide variety of personalized activities and services for an unforgettable experience.

We offer services in popular cities for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Furthermore, our experience in organizing bachelor and bachelorette parties allows us to offer activities and services for all tastes and budgets.

From adventure activities such as paintball or karting to spa sessions and private dinners, we can help you plan the perfect Bachelorette . We work with the best local providers to offer you the best options.

Don't hesitate, contact Bachelorette s Valencia for your Bachelorette . With a simple call, we set everything in motion for you to enjoy an unforgettable day.

Available at 5 different times, with various options at your disposal, such as drinks or a spectacular lunch or dinner at the Port of Valencia, before boarding the boat for Bachelor and Party Events in Valencia. On the catamaran, you'll have a DJ to enhance your event. We deliver to the restaurant or your home. Shows, Boys, Dwarfs, and Drag Queens.

These are celebrations among friends, whether for the groom or the bride, organized a few days before the wedding; a purely metaphorical concept of having a party before tying the knot, and it's entirely normal to indulge in some small excesses that, theoretically, aren't done within marriage. That's what it's about. It's entirely normal for the members to be from the same town, as two separate parties are organized: the groom's friends organize one, and the bride's friends organize another.

In Valencia, like in many other cities, there's a variety of options for organizing bachelor and bachelorette parties. Here, I'll mention some popular ideas: Outdoor activities: Valencia offers beautiful beaches and natural settings. You can organize a bachelor or bachelorette party on the beach, with activities like volleyball, paddle surfing, boat rides, or a fun water fight. Bike routes: Valencia has an extensive network of bike lanes. You can organize a bike route through the city, visiting iconic places and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere. Spa and relaxation: If you're looking for a more relaxed Bachelorette , you can book a day at a spa or wellness center in Valencia. Enjoy massages, facials, saunas, and jacuzzis for a great way to relax before the big day. Dinner and party: Valencia has a wide gastronomic offering and a lively nightlife. You can organize a dinner at a themed restaurant or a place with live music. After dinner, you can enjoy the city's bars and clubs to celebrate the Bachelorette . Themed activities: There are specialized companies in organizing bachelor and bachelorette parties in Valencia that offer themed activities such as escape rooms, paintball, kart racing, or even dance classes for groups. Remember that when organizing a bachelor or bachelorette party, it's important to consider the tastes and interests of the honoree. It's also crucial to respect the limits and preferences of all participants.

Of course! Organizing a bachelorette or bachelor party with a dinner show and a party on a catamaran can be a fantastic idea to celebrate this special event. Here are some suggestions and tips to make an unforgettable bachelor and bachelorette party:

1. Reserve a catamaran boat: Look for catamaran boat rental companies in your area and choose the one that best suits your needs. Ensure that the boat has enough space to accommodate your group and has an area designated for the party.

2. Dinner show: For the dinner part, look for a place that offers a dinner with a live show. It can be a themed restaurant with live music, a comedy show, or any other type of entertainment that appeals to the group.

3. Bachelor/Bachelorette party theme: Consider choosing a fun theme for the party. It could be something related to the interests or hobbies of the groom or bride, or simply something humorous and festive.

4. Decoration and accessories: To make the party even more special, you can decorate the boat and provide themed accessories for the attendees. For example, hats, sunglasses, custom shirts, etc.

5. Onboard entertainment: Hire some form of entertainment onboard the boat. It could be a DJ, a musical group, an entertainer, or even a magician. Ensure there is music and dancing to keep the party energy high.

6. Drinks and food: Ensure you have enough drink and food options onboard. You can opt for an open bar service with a selection of cocktails and beverages, and also serve snacks or a full meal, depending on your preferences and budget.

7. Additional activities: If you want to add more fun to the party, consider including additional activities, such as games, contests, or even hiring a photographer to capture special moments.

Mixed Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties in Valencia

In recent times, it's common to have many mixed bachelor/bachelorette parties. They usually consist of a dinner, visiting venues with spicy shows to enjoy with friends. During the celebration, it's normal to exchange all kinds of gifts and make the groom go through burlesque situations, caricaturing and satirizing them to the fullest, making them attend dressed up in public places and go through totally ridiculous situations.

We can organize your birthday or company dinner in our restaurant in Valencia, where you can choose from various shows, and at the end of the evening, you would get free entry to one of our nightclubs.

At Despedidas Valencia, Gandia, we send our Shows to Gandia and surrounding areas or drag queen to CastellĂłn, and dwarfs for CastellĂłn and Valencia.

Bachelorette Parties

We organize your bachelor and bachelorette party in Valencia with the utmost efficiency and the highest quality control you can find in the celebration of your bachelorette party in Valencia.

In Valencia Despedidas, a local company, we organize your Bachelorette s, company dinners, and birthdays. We have a varied and diverse range of activities to ensure your gathering never loses momentum. As we well know, different diners always want something different. Your employees will talk about their gathering with different companies in the sector, and yours should be the best. We will take care of it, which, at the same time, will become good publicity for your company.

We know perfectly well that each company dinner is different and for different reasons. That's why we have different menus at different prices. A meal with your suppliers is not the same as a dinner with the various bosses in your company's section. In our restaurant for company dinners, you only have to have a good time and enjoy. We take care of the rest, always to your liking. So you don't have to worry.

We have a wide selection of services available, ranging from organizing activities like paintball in Valencia to enjoying the best nightclubs in Valencia. We also offer restaurant services in Valencia for Bachelorette s, where you can enjoy a plentiful and fantastic dinner, or the best Valencia boys. In the beginning, almost all bachelor and bachelorette parties focused on the idea of going out with friends, dressing up the soon-to-be-weds, and going to some entertainment venue, such as nightclubs or a show of Shows or boys in Valencia. But like all things, these events have also evolved and gradually become more exquisite and original. Companies dedicated to this type of celebration have slowly appeared because it is challenging for a group of friends to organize the party promptly without any kind of help.

Weekend Bachelorette s in Valencia

Despedidas Valencia is a company that has been organizing events, birthdays, and bachelor and bachelorette parties for over 20 years with experience and professionalism. Since the restaurant is ours, we can guarantee that you will dine well and have a private show not for everyone dining in the restaurant because we believe it's important for each groom and each bride to have their private moment with their friends and family.

If you book the 4-star hotel with us, you'll enjoy the advantage of being able to stay until 3:00 PM on Sunday, giving you more time to rest after the Bachelorette and start your journey back to your city more leisurely.

Our restaurant in Valencia for your bachelor party will offer you a plentiful and quality dinner with an open bar during the meal. It has private spaces for the show of our boys in Valencia or our girls, so nothing and no one will disturb you.

Not forgetting other fun activities like go-karting in Valencia, where you can also enjoy a great meal.

Valencia Boat Party Bachelor

Looking for something different? Our service, in a masterfully prepared environment, with a restaurant, pool, and Boat Party Bachelor. For the more daring, for those who want to start (or end) the day in a completely different way. If your Bachelorette ends on Sunday morning, it's essential to be able to stay until 3:00 PM to rest before returning to your city. Weekend Bachelorette s in Valencia, with everything organized, from rural houses to hotels in the center, where you'll enjoy special privileges, allowing you to stay extra hours at no additional cost. Despedidas Valencia is a company with more than 20 years of experience organizing personalized Bachelorette s for our clients. We arrange accommodation and organize activities such as paintball, go-karting, all with reliable partner companies, including a 4-star hotel in the center of Valencia and the urban hostel or rural house. Just give us a call, and we'll create your personalized Bachelorette .

Bachelor Parties

And if you come from another city and need accommodations for bachelor parties in Valencia for you and your friends, we also offer a 4-star hotel in Valencia to stay for the weekend, with privileges you won't find in other hotels, like being able to check out at 3:00 PM instead of 12:00 PM. Don't hesitate, for your Bachelorette , contact Despedidas Valencia. With a simple call, we set everything in motion for you to enjoy an unforgettable day. There are few events that we don't organize at Despedidas en Valencia, like the boat Bachelorette . We surrender to this activity, fresh, innovative, and lots of fun. As soon as you arrive at the dock, you'll smell the sea. The always pleasant sun and a gentle breeze will accompany us at all times to organize your event.

Hotel for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

And if you love nature, don't hesitate, we have accommodation in Valencia for large groups, surrounded by nature and at exceptional prices. If you book the 4-star hotel with us, you'll enjoy the advantage of being able to stay until 3:00 PM on Sunday and rest longer after the Bachelorette before starting your journey back to your city more calmly. Imagine the laziness of returning to your city late at night, and the danger it entails doing it at night with your private car. Not to mention if you've had a few drinks.

For your safety and that of others, you need to rest. That's why we offer you a 4-star hotel in the city center of Valencia for 55 euros per day (VAT included) or a hostel in the heart of the city, next to Valencia's Town Hall square, with all the amenities, billiards, and Wi-Fi, for 22 euros (VAT included) per day, and 44 euros for the weekend. You can rest and relax until 3:00 PM.

You can't ask for more, and that's because at Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in Valencia, we think of everything. In our bachelorette restaurant for companies, you'll find everything you need, with excellent service, to make your meeting a complete success. We adapt to all your needs, economically and in terms of planning, with an elegant restaurant and professional service to bring your envisioned event to life.

You won't have to worry about anything or waste time with last-minute hiccups. We take care of everything. Tell us what you want, and you'll get it. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties for the weekend in Valencia, with a hostel or a 4-star hotel in the heart of Valencia. With the advantage of staying until 3:00 PM, not like other hotels that end the stay on Sunday at twelve.

Tired of searching for a bachelor or bachelorette party company that meets your expectations? Look no further. We offer you the best and most complete comprehensive service for bachelor parties in Valencia and CastellĂłn. We have our restaurant where you'll enjoy a fantastic menu with various dishes to choose from, an open bar during dinner, and the best private room shows. To make your Bachelorette an unforgettable memory.

Themed Restaurant with Shows

A restaurant for bachelor and bachelorette parties with private shows by Drag Queens and boys, with menus for vegans and celiacs, and an erotic cake included. Only for Bachelorette groups, offer Cocktails at €4.50. You can choose from various menus to provide variety to the group's dishes.

Our entertainment professionals will liven up the night, and you can count on the unrepeatable show of a Drag Queen in Valencia that will engage you in various activities during dinner and at the end of it—games, songs... you won't stop enjoying. It's also a highly recommended show for mixed Bachelorette parties of girls and boys. Before dinner, for groups of girls, we'll organize a Tupper meeting, where an advisor will show and explain all the items for your most intimate parties. A meeting over a good meal can achieve things that hours of conversation can't.

Contact outside the workplace is more than enough to make small disagreements disappear, and that's why we propose various fun activities. If you're the boss and want your employees to be more cohesive, nothing better than inviting them to our company dinner restaurant. Many entrepreneurs, whose names we won't mention for our total discretion, have thanked us because by strengthening the bonds with their workers, production has increased. Others have made a great deal with their suppliers, or we've simply helped establish good contacts with different sectors for the benefit of all.

Hence the importance of a company dinner going perfectly. It will help you plan your events in Valencia to make them a complete success. If needed, we are fully equipped to host conventions and business meetings, as we have exclusive rooms for our clients, interiors with natural light, and a privileged location in the heart of Valencia. You can make your reservation in the way that suits you best. You can call us or send us an email. And with seriousness, we also own our restaurant, so we guarantee you a quality dinner as we don't have to pay commissions to intermediaries. At Valencia Bachelorettes, the owner of the restaurant and the bachelorette party company will be with you on Saturday at all times, attending to your needs and organizing the nightclub arrangements with some free entries and others with discounts. We'll ensure that our entertainment staff works well and to your liking.

Restaurant for Birthdays and Communions

To organize your bachelor party in Valencia if you're coming from another city or if you simply want to forget about driving, we have a 4-star hotel for bachelorette parties in the heart of the city, just minutes from the train station and the airport, and next to one of the largest shopping centers in the city. You have this hotel for €27.50 per night (€55 for the weekend) with the advantage of being able to stay on Sunday to rest until 3:00 PM, without having to leave the room at 12:00 PM like in other hotels. Very close to Valencia, you can enjoy an extraordinary recreational activity. Just 10 km away, so you can use your own cars to get there and park in the parking lot there. Before dinner, for groups of girls, we'll organize a Tupper meeting, where an advisor will show and explain all the items for your most intimate parties.

In our restaurant, everything is possible; you just have to ask for it. We have different rooms, which we will gladly show you, so you can choose the one that best suits the meeting, lunch, or dinner. We will be with you to advise you at all times so that you have no doubts when making your choice. Everything will be ready and as you requested, so everything is a resounding success.

Limobus for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

The limobus from Valencia Bachelorettes is designed with laser lights and 1000 watts of sound. It also has comfortable seats, and you can drive with it within the city with a maximum of 21 people, and if you have to go outside the city, only 14 people can go. Two bottles of cava will be given as a gift. Check extra hours; the prices on the website are for one hour.

Or if you prefer, we offer you a Hotel for bachelorette parties at the same price, although having to travel several kilometers, it is only advisable for large groups of people since the costs of the bus and city transportation are not profitable for small groups.

Many people, regardless of their position, will wonder what a company dinner is for. It's straightforward: to smooth out any rough edges, increase sales, get closer to the employees, negotiate in a good atmosphere with different companies in the sector, and a bunch of other things. We just need to know what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Without wasting time, when you contact us, we will start working on your company Bachelorette dinner.

Boys in Valencia

If you want to organize your best friend's bachelor party in Valencia, you can request a girl in Valencia, women with a high degree of sensuality who will perform spectacular live shows that, be sure, you won't remain indifferent. It will be unforgettable. There are different rules, many of what we call fundamental, some of them so simple that we don't mind revealing them. For example: if the company is small, it's always better to seat all diners at a large and long table, or you can also have a tapas dinner with everyone standing. If your company is large and you need different tables, let your employees control who they sit or talk with, and at the same time, interact with different tables. Don't worry about anything; we will advise you. We don't put any obstacles for you to see the professional profile of the musical groups we propose; on the contrary, we will be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

Looking for top-rated restaurants, party boat charters, strippers for hire, and unique venues with adult entertainment for an unforgettable stag or hen do? Explore our options for themed bars, dinner cruises, and fun activities to make your pre-wedding celebration truly memorable!"

Searching for the perfect venues and entertainment for bachelor and bachelorette parties? Explore our options for restaurants, boat charters, stripper shows, and themed bars to create an unforgettable pre-wedding celebration!"

Dwarfs for Bachelorette Parties

Increasingly requested, our dwarf boys in Valencia will delight the whole group. You can request a dwarf in Valencia for your friend's bachelor party or a dwarf in Valencia for your best friend's bachelorette party. In any case, success is assured with these little big artists. Highly recommended.

You can also enjoy a Limousine in Valencia that picks you up after dinner and takes you for a ride around the city, after which it drops you off at the Valencia nightclub we provide. Hummer Limousine in Valencia, a car with all imaginable luxuries, with 9 seats and with cava so you can toast while touring the city. December is already typical for us to organize company dinners at the restaurant. In addition to meetings with entertainment for company dinners. So much so that in Valencia, they begin at the end of November due to the difficulties of booking tables for large groups with entertainment.

Abalat del Tarongers | Albal | Alaquas | Alborache | Alboralla | Alcacer | Alcublas | Aldaia | Algemesí | Alginet | Almussafes | Alzira | Benifaió | Beniparrell | Benisano | Burjasot | Carlet | Castellón | Cheste | Chirrivella | Chiva | Cullera | Eliana | Gandía | Godelleta | La Liana | Liria | Loriguilla | Manises | Masalfasar | Masamagrell | Masanasa | Monserrat | Montcada | Montroy | Museros | Naquera | Paiporta | Paterna | Picana | Picasent | Pobla de Farnals | Pobla Llarga | Pobla Vallbona | Puçol | Quart de Poblet | RafelBuñol | Real de Montroy | Ribaroja del Turia | Sagunto | Sedavi | Silla | Torrent | Turis. Also, you will have the security that everything will go perfectly, and no unpleasant surprise will appear. On the contrary, come to our restaurant with drag queens.

Paintball Valencia

Let's talk about Paintball in Valencia, with offers that are hard to match, as for €35, you get 500 balls and all the necessary accessories, such as guns, jumpsuits, helmets, gloves, and with included food that can be paella or barbecue. And you can choose among the different scenarios available on its premises. You can enjoy your Paintball battle in a scrapyard scenario, in a trench scenario, or in an urban one. You decide. And if you don't feel like eating there and just want to enjoy the activity, we have other packages with prices of €10 and €15. At Paintball Valencia, you will find an offer of €35 where you will have 500 paintballs, all accessories (jumpsuits, helmets, guns, and gloves). At the end, you'll have a countryside paella. We are just 10 kilometers from Valencia city, so you can travel with your vehicles since the paintball has parking.

Limousines Valencia

In Limousines, you can choose limousines in Valencia at various prices and several seats, with models of Hummer and Lincoln with 6, 8, and 12 seats. Where prices would be from €150, and the limousine in Valencia would tour towns and surroundings. It is recommended for small groups to take the hotel, as the rural house is 60 km from the city, which could mean an extra cost in a bus and travel. You can also take a limo bus. You can ask for the price of our musical bands (varies according to the number of musicians) without any commitment. Contact us, and we will answer all the questions and doubts you have. Then, you assess it yourself. Our musical bands are economical but always taking care of quality to make the event a total success.

Karting Karts Valencia

We start by organizing your Bachelorette or event with Paintball and Karting activities. In our Karting, you can enjoy the best cars and circuits in the Valencian Community. We have various offers where you can choose from just half an hour of Karts for only €42, including lunch in the nearby restaurant. Companies like Despedidas present you with a wide range of ideas for any party you want and a large number of shows to choose from. In this way, we have incorporated adventure sports such as paintball, Karting, etc., as it involves the movement and safety of participants and original and guaranteed fun.

Joint Bachelorette

You can celebrate a joint Bachelorette that is a lot of fun, as the grooms and brides will be together. This type of Bachelorette is usually held when there are many married or engaged couples in the group. It is advisable to reserve a Drag Queen as it is the most suitable for a mixed Bachelorette .

Bachelor Parties Weekend in Valencia

You've decided to get married. And come to Valencia! What is the wedding without a bachelor party? The Valencia bachelor party company offers you a really good time before the wedding. Grab your friends and head to, the fun capital and parties! We'll make sure his bachelor party is remembered for a long time. Therefore, we can offer you: Dinner with free bar, Limousines, Shows, Discotheques, Hotels.

If you are a group of friends in this situation, do not hesitate at all to contact us. We will make things easier for you and provide affordable Bachelorette s in Valencia than if you did them yourselves.

Original Bachelorette Parties Valencia, GandĂ­a, Benidorm, Ideas for Bachelorette Parties.

Costumes for bachelors and bachelorettes. The origin of this party for groups of friends is typical in Spain, to celebrate the last days of singleness, and the groom or bride is usually dressed in spicy or ridiculous costumes, so that the group has a fun weekend in Valencia.

Bachelorette s in the Port of Valencia

Nowadays, daytime bachelor and bachelorette parties are typical and can be organized in the port of Valencia, with boat parties with or without food. Later at sunset, we would move 300 meters and enter for free at Marina Beach, a typical Valencia after-party where we can have some mojitos and have an impressive party.

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